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At Phalaenopsis nursery Hoog Bos we celebrate triumphs. Our approach is not simply about good products, but the very best quality Phalaenopsis. We achieve this not only with smart cultivation practises and product development, but also with a great love for the product. It’s the very best results that count. We are ambitious and we go for gold and silver. After a rigorous selection process based on sustainability and the number of stems and flowers, we assign each product a place in our Gorgeous Gold or Stunning Silver collection. Each of these orchids have a minimum of 2 to 5 stems with many blossoming flowers.

Our Phalaenopsis are bred to have a very long shelf life. So we like to take very good care of them. The standard treatment is a protection against ethylene, and each plant gets an extra watering before it is delivered. This treatment, as well as the special watering system H2Obloom, means our Phalaenopsis are not affected during the logistics process. Before our products leave our company, they are packed by hand and receive a final care check.

The company

Cultivation is in our blood. With its roots as a family nursery, the company was bursting with cultivating experience and product development. And using this energy we started Hoog Bos in 2013. A young and efficient company based in Nieuwaal, where the highest quality Phalaenopsis are grown on 3.5 hectares of land. Our focus is on plants in 12cm pots with a minimum of 3 stems. This allows us to concentrate on the high-end market segment in Europe and customers who are looking for the best Phalaenopsis!
Take a look on our YouTube page for a look behind the scenes at our nursery: Hoog Bos YouTube.

Gorgeous Gold and Stunning Silver are both available all year round directly from Hoog Bos and they are finding their way to European consumers via exporters. Both collections are also regularly for sale at the Royal FloraHolland and Plantion clock auctions.

From family nursery roots
to our own Phalaenopsis roots

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